Friday, December 20, 2013

Dues Referendum 2014

As I write this, the final layout for the winter issue of EQ is on it’s way to the printers, and you should be seeing it in your inboxes and mailboxes (where those continue to exist) within a few weeks.

We’ve been talking about the upcoming dues referendum for a while now, and this issue of EQ will feature a special wraparound supplement on the topic. Even if your habit is (as is mine) that the magazine goes onto the breakfast table for reading in the next week or three, Council strongly encourages you to have a look at the referendum section as soon as you get it. We want you to be able to make an informed decision, which means we also want you to be able to read the material, ponder it, and still have the time to ask questions if you need more details.

To assist in getting you the info you need, Council will be holding a series of in-person meetings across the country in January and February, with the last of them being webcast, so that people can participate from wherever they are. We may also add some online forum sessions as needed, closer to the vote deadline.

All life and regular members in good standing will be receiving a voter kit early in the new year, and online and phone voting will open on February 3. Members not currently in good standing have until February 13 to rectify that, in order to be able to participate. Voting closes on February 20. You can find the whole timeline of voting and member meetings on the back of the EQ supplement.

I gotta tell you something – Council absolutely hates having to ask the members for a dues increase. But, after 14 years without one, we don’t have a choice.

You, however, do. When you exercise it, we hope that you choose to say “yes”, so that Equity can continue to work on your behalf, and to improve what we are able to do for you. It’s your association – please support Equity, so Equity can support you.